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GHE Aéroflo 84

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Brand: GHE

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Growth and legendary crops are the hallmark of AeroFlos. Countless farmers, researchers, and scientists use it across the globe and agree that no other system provides the same reports of growth and robustness of the plants grown there. The AeroFlo oxygenates the nutrient solution and delivers oxygen, water and fertilizer in an ideal combination, creating an environment in the root zone that surpasses anything else, including in nature.

For more than 15 years, NASA has been using AeroFlos and Flora Series in its research on space culture.

The AeroFlo is a high-end system that allows perfect oxygenation of the nutrient solution and maximum growth of your plants.
It is a fast and manageable cultivation system, which has the double advantage of being used as a cutting machine as well as a production unit. It allows you to avoid the transplant stage and the shock associated with this operation, and to save time on the production cycle.

AeroFlos are flexible and flexible. They adapt to any space of culture:
Due to its elongated shape, the AF14 can be placed on a balcony or the edge of a window, while the AF 60L, which has a large tank, will be used in a greenhouse.
The AF 28 and the range of AFs "B" are a low series (32cm high), suitable for spaces with low ceilings such as tunnels or gardens. They are extensible to infinity and adapt perfectly to commercial operations.
Customized, depending on your growing space, we offer customized studies ranging from garden greenhouse to small and medium commercial greenhouses.

Each AeroFlo comes with instructions for use and a set of Flora Series 1L.

AeroFlo 84
AF 84B: 84 plant-sites (5 m2)
L = 290 - W = 195 - H = 32 cm
Effective capacity: 220 l

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GHE Aéroflo 84


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