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Sylvania - Bulb HPS 600w - Grolux

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Sylvania - Bulb HPS 600w - Grolux

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Brand: Sylvania

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This special horticultural light bulb offers a light spectrum enriched in blue and red which makes it much more effective than the standard HPS bulb. Its light output is also increased to 90,000 lumens, which is ideal for an indoor garden of 2 to 3m². You will get with this bulb of superior quality results unequaled until now! For growth and flowering.


Luminous flux 90000 lumens
E40 base
Life time 24000 hours
Efficiency 150 lm / w
Photosynthetic activity 1100 μmol / s
Color temperature 2050 ° K
Voltage 230 volts
Lighted area 1.5 m²

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Sylvania - Bulb HPS 600w - Grolux

Sylvania - Bulb HPS 600w - Grolux

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