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Sylvania - HPS 400w Bulb - Grolux

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Sylvania - HPS 400w Bulb - Grolux

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Brand: Sylvania

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This lamp with sodium with high pressure offers a luminous spectrum of very high quality reinforced in the blue and with 20% of red in more than traditional lamps SHP-TS (SUPER). Unbeatable for an abundant flowering. Can also be appropriate for the growth (or vegetative phase) but not for the plants mothers and the cuttings. In this case prefer model BRITELUX.
The range Sylvania GROLUX guaranteed to your plants what is done best for lighting. Prepare you to collect the maximum.

400 Watt
58.000 lumen
lifespan: 24.000 hours

As for all the gas-discharge lamps (HID), it is recommended to change the bulb after half of the lifespan. Passed this point, the infra-red one (for the HPS) or UV (for the MH) increases and the output is some affected. A good manners to keep heavy crops and of quality is to change at least once per year your bulbs.

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Sylvania - HPS 400w Bulb - Grolux

Sylvania - HPS 400w Bulb - Grolux

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