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BioNova ZYM 1L

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Brand: Bio Nova

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Bio Nova BN-ZYM is a soil additive for all media. BN-Zym increases the storage capacity of water and helps to bring oxygen into the environment. BN-Zym also catalyzes waste in the environment and provides it to the plant as nutrients.
Bio Nova BN-ZYM maintains the medium free of salts and residual fibers - this is particularly important for media such as potting soil or coconut that can and must be reused.


Apply 200 ml per 100 liters of water on potting soil once every 2 weeks. 50 ml per 100 liters of water for long-term use.
Rinse once every 2 weeks with 5 liters per Hydro sheet.

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BioNova ZYM 1L

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