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BioNova NFT Aqua Supermix 1L

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NFT-Aqua SuperMix is ​​a one-component mineral bio fertilizer specifically designed for substrateless cultivation systems (eg NFT system). NFT-Aqua SuperMix combines in one product the A-B formula for growth and flowering; which makes the culture very easy.



Macro elements such as: NO3, NH4, NH2, SO4, P, K, Ca, Mg and Si.
Chelated trace elements: Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu and Mo
Vitalizing organic extracts.
All these elements are absolutely pure, of natural origin and do not give waste. In addition, this fertilizer is directly absorbable; even low EC can be enough. NFT-Aqua SuperMix provides active soil life, stimulates root development and provides complete nutrition for growth and flowering. Add a supplement of PK 13-14 (superflower) during flowering.

Although this fertilizer, by the presence of the chelates (chelated trace elements), is practically independent of the pH value, it may be necessary to adjust the pH (preferably with phosphoric acid). A pH value of 5.8 (5.5-6.7) is recommended. (check the calibration of your pH meter once a month)

To avoid the formation of deposits due to the use of tap water, it is advisable to clean the paper tray once a week. Keep the system perfectly clean because if a single plant is infected with a pathogenic fungus, virus or root-eating insects, the infection will take a very short time to spread to the whole crop.

In addition, it is essential to apply enough BN-Zym and TML, to avoid problems and keep control. In areas where water contains very little calcium (fresh water) Ca 15 must be added. The use of the most appropriate nutrients necessarily ensures the best



During the whole culture, mix 280 to 350 ml. for 100 liters of water.
During the first week of growth, a lighter dosage is sufficient. You can start at 140 ml. and increase to 280 ml. during this period.
From the second week of growth, the maximum dosage of 280 ml per 100 liters of water should be applied.

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BioNova NFT Aqua Supermix 1L

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