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We are pleased to present the Biofilter of the famous brand GHE.

Biofilter is a very innovative product in the hydroponics sector.

It eliminates algae among others.

This filter recreated in the nutrient solution a micro cosmos that until now was found only in the earth culture. GHE Biofilter is a filter that cleans, purifies, detoxifies and oxygenates water and nutrient solution.

Inside this filter, a sponge retains all floating residues and organic matter. The serpentine blue waterfall promotes oxygen content and purifies water by removing harmful components from the roots.

Bio Filter allows to have healthy roots and ready to absorb all the nutrients that the plants need. This filter is very effective because it limits and copes with the different types of plant stress that we usually find in cannabis crops.

When to use the GHE Biofilter.

Temperature too high.
Poor ventilation or excess moisture.
Low oxygenation of the nutrient solution.
Poorly drained substrate.
Unbalanced nutrient solution ...
How to use the GHE Biofilter.
This filter is very simple to use. Once started, it must be allowed to work without stopping. The only reason it will need to be turned off is when you add it to the BioMagix nutrient solution (once every 6-8 weeks).

The interview is also very easy. The GHE Biofilter comes with all the necessary documentation and if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. The GHE Biofilter is particularly recommended for hydroponics, aeroponics and automatic irrigation systems where a tank is used.

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GHE Bio Filtre

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