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BioNova Coco A+B (2x1L)

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Brand: Bio Nova

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Bio Nova Coco Forte is the simplest solution for growing on coconut fiber. Its simplicity of use is due to the fact that it combines growth and flowering. This fertilizer is waste free and contains only minerals that plants can assimilate directly. In other words, Coco Forte is a complete nutrient solution, with the same benefits as synthetic A / B formulas, while having the quality of the best organic fertilizers.

Coco Forte is the best Coconut fertilizer currently available on the market and far surpasses the nutritious products of the same category. That's why cultivating with Coco Forte leads to exceptional results, especially if all the other factors (light, air, and quality of the plant strain) are optimally set.



400-500 ml. for 100 liters of water.
During the first week of growth, a lighter dosage is enough: you can start at 200 ml. and increase to 400 ml. during this period.
From the second week of growth, the maximum dosage of 400 ml per 100 liters should be applied.


If you are reusing Coco culture mats, it is advisable to first perform a CE measurement to determine the initial dosage.
The use of the most appropriate nutrients necessarily ensures the best results.
The use of K-20 from the 4th week of flowering is strongly recommended.
Coco Forte can be used with the majority of Coco rugs.

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BioNova Coco A+B (2x1L)

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