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BioNova The Missing Link 250ml

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Brand: Bio Nova

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The BN Missing Link also protects plants against pest attacks by stimulating the self-defense system of your plants.
The Missing link is suitable for all types of crops and substrates and can be mixed with any fertilizer.
With The Missing Link, nutrient uptake and absorption is faster and the plant's self-defense system works optimally.
The Missing link is composed of a large number of trace elements and each of its elements can penetrate easily to perform its constructive work.

The results

A stronger plant and more resistance,
Higher yield,
Positive and exceptional effect on the quality and quantity of the treated plants.

Continuous dosage of 0.5 ml per liter of nutrient solution

Or dosage every 2 weeks of 2 ml per liter of nutrient solution,
In foliar spray: Dosage of 1 ml per liter of water,
Applies from the 1st week of growth to the last week of flowering.

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BioNova The Missing Link 250ml

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