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GHE Ripen 5L

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Ripen is an end-of-flowering fertilizer, also called "forcing solution". It is specifically formulated to accelerate the maturation of plants as well as to improve their content of active ingredients.
It is a mixture of mineral salts and buffers dosed by our researchers with great care. At this stage of growth, accuracy is indeed of the utmost importance because the plant, at the end of life, is often weakened and its capacity of assimilation is much lower than that of the stage of growth.

Ripen acts at different levels
He sends the plant a strong signal to let him know that it is at the end of life. It reacts by accelerated flowering and fruiting, in an effort to reproduce before disappearing.
It forces the plant to increase its defenses, and consequently, its active principles.
It gives the plant all the mineral ions that will be needed for this last effort of reproduction.
If the plant accumulates nitrate or trace elements, it helps metabolize these residues, improving the taste of the crop.

This fertilizer has multiple uses
It allows you to quickly finish a crop before it spoils in the cold, wet after-season.
In greenhouse or indoors, it allows to harmonize the ends of cycle and to finish more quickly the maturation of the latest plants.
In case of severe attack of pathogens or insects, it makes it possible to accelerate the cycle and to obtain a harvest before the plants are destroyed.
It finally makes it possible to increase the content of active principles of medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants.


During the last 10 days of flowering, dilute Ripen in pH-adjusted water (between 5.5 and 6.5)

In Hydroponics: 4-5 ml / L - EC = 1.8 - 2.2

In the Earth: same watering, every other day

Ripen is an acid, it will lower the pH of your solution. Pour it into the water before correcting the pH level.

For all cultivation methods: hydroponics, above ground and soil.

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GHE Ripen 5L

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