Growth Technology Ionic Boost 5L

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Brand: Growth Technology

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IONIC PK Boost is a nutritional supplement designed to be used in the last weeks before harvest. PK Boost allows the farmer to better manage the additional reserves of phosphorus and potassium that can ensure a leap forward in yield.
It is an ideal complement for all IONIC Bloom formulas that can be used just as effectively with all the Bloom quality nutrient solutions of the Bloom variety.

It is an extremely complete and reliable product, it will satisfy both amateur and professional gardeners. Thanks to IONIC fertilizers, it is useless to use ph regulators. This gives a pH of 6 by simply adding the fertilizers in the water. There are no fluctuations in the tank which reduces the workload for the grower (stable pH).

It is a nutritious supplement designed to be used in the final phase a few weeks before harvest, to maximize the potential of the flowering phase.

IONIC PK Boost is specially designed to deliver the essential minerals, phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), in a pure form, is immediately assimilable by your plants.

User manual IONIC PK BOOST:

Prepare your usual IONIC BLOOM solution.
Stir the contents of the tank thoroughly.
Pour IONIC BOOST in a proportion of 1 ml / liter.
Stir again, check the result and correct the pH if necessary.
Use nutrient solutions normally. IONIC BOOST can be added to tank contents once a week in the last six weeks before harvest.

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Growth Technology Ionic Boost 5L

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