Growth Technology Ionic Bloom 5L (Hard Water)

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Brand: Growth Technology

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IONIC is a fertilizer made by a complex process, which employs a series of tightly controlled reactions, to produce the complex molecules that contain the macro essential elements necessary for growth. This in a stable and highly soluble form. This technical breakthrough has many important implications for the Hydroponic Grower.
In ionic fertilizers, the essential nutrients are stuck together in exact proportions required by the plants. Nutrients remain in this form, which is highly stable, before they are taken up by the roots. This means that the supply of the plant in essential elements is much more accurate than traditional fertilizers.High-tech liquid fertilizer, very convenient, in most cases, simply add the solution in the tank in the recommended amount . There is no need to shake the fertilizer before use. Nobody likes to shake bottles of 20 liters! With Ionic the pH is stable for at least a week

-Ideal for fast growing plants in hydroponics. IONIC Grow for IONIC Bloom growth for flowering. IONIC BOOST is a nutritious supplement designed to be used in the final phase a few weeks before harvest. BOOST allows the grower to easily control the addition of Phosphorus and Potassium that can lead to maximum yields. BOOST is an ideal complement to IONIC fertilizer, but it can also be used very effectively with any good quality nutrient solution.

Thanks to ionic fertilizers, it is often unnecessary to use pH regulators. We simply obtain a pH 6.


Instructions for use: First check your water. If you have hard water then you need the Hardwater (hard water) nutrient solution. If you are not sure, you can call the water company. You can get a test kit for the hardness of the water. It is very important to use the correct wording. IONIC nutrients are formulated to neutralize the bicarbonates in the water and put the appropriate pH for hydroponics. Formulations for hard water are necessarily more acidic than normal formulations. If you use a hard water formulation with fresh water, you will find that the pH is too low.

Add IONIC GRO or BLOOM depending on the stage of your plants, under running water, at a rate of 10 ml per liter. An EC from 2.0 to 3.0 is required. Check the pH of the final solution. It must be between pH 5.5 and 6.2.

IONIC has a stabilized pH and it should not require correction. If adjustment is necessary, use a pH regulator. The ideal pH for almost all Hydroponic applications is 5.5 - 6.3. The pH for growing on RockWool should be low, ideally around 5.8. IONIC nutrients are specially formulated to ensure that pH is close to 6 when the water is reasonably pure. The quality of the water, unfortunately, varies dramatically from one place to another. So sometimes you should make small adjustments to your nutrient reservoir from time to time. It is very important to check pH the first time you make the IONIC solution. As long as your reading is in the acceptable range, you must make no pH adjustments. You must keep checking the pH regularly.


How to use: First, dial the IONIC solution normally. Stirring pump thoroughly. Then add BOOST to the tank at the rate of 1 ml per liter. Let the shaker stand for two minutes, then check and correct the pH. Then use the nutrient solution. IMPORTANT !! DO NOT OVERDOSE with the BOOST. It is a highly concentrated liquid and each 1 ml per Liter you add, will add 20 ppm. Phosphorus and 52 ppm. Potassium to your nutrient solution.

Usage tips :

The IONIC BLOOM is a fertilizer perfectly suited to hydroponics during fruiting (flowering). FOR MAXIMUM YIELD USE WITH "IONIC BLOOM".

* In hydro advice between 2 and 7 ml / liter
* PH between 5.5 and 6.0 and EC max 1.5 (passive hydro) / 2.5 in (NFT)

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Growth Technology Ionic Bloom 5L (Hard Water)

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