Growth Technology Ionic Grow 5L (Hard Water)

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Brand: Growth Technology

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IONIC Hydro Grow & Bloom are designed for NFT, Flood & Drain culture systems and all types of hydroponics. This is the Hard Water version for hydroponic crops in hard water.

IONIC is manufactured using revolutionary procedures. The result is a clear translucent liquid without precipitation or sedimentation. Under certain conditions, however, we can observe some white crystals flattened in the bottle. These crystals result from complex reactions during production and their presence is
therefore justified by the procedures implemented.

Ionic Hydro Grow is a formula loaded with pure humic and fulvic acids to promote optimal growth. It consists of pure mineral salts and organic complexes for exuberant growth. Ionic Hydro Grow will bring you the missing elements that the plant needs and will restore balance in tanks for optimal performance and maximum results.

IONIC instructions:

Calculate the overall volume of the tank.
Pour the IONIC solution in a proportion of 7 ml / liter (eg 70 ml for a 10 liter tank).
Mix thoroughly by operating the pump if possible.
Check the conductivity of the solution
Check the pH of the solution.
If necessary, correct using Growth Technology pH UP or pH DOWN products.

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Growth Technology Ionic Grow 5L (Hard Water)

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