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Nouveau produit pour baisser le PH. Composé de cristaux solubles faciles a manipuler, le PH down poudre concentré a l'avantage de pouvoir être pesé pour un dosage parfait.

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The new concept of pH control will allow you to adjust and stabilize your pH level even in the presence of fast-growing plants.

The degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution plays an important role on the solubility of the mineral salts and on their absorption by the plant. But in terms of pH, there is no ideal level: a high level favors the cationic absorption and a low level favors that of the anions. Any decision therefore remains a compromise.
In addition, everyone is not the same opinion: some researchers do not see any difference between levels ranging from 4.9 to 6.8! Others are much more picky and adapt their levels to each plant.
It is generally recommended to stay between 5.5 and 6.5. Here we prefer to stay in the lower bracket, and cautiously fluctuate between 5.5 and 6.2.
An ideal pH regulator is a solution you use once: when you start your system. We are not quite there yet, at least not in all situations or with all the fertilizers. But in the tests we do in our greenhouse, where we use our pH regulator with Flora Series and Mineral Magic, we kept the same pH level for several weeks.
In some systems, the pH gradually decreased and a little pH Up restored its balance. In others it stabilized perfectly around a beautiful 6.0.

pH Down Dry - Pure, concentrated and harmless

PH regulation is a primary practice for the grower because it promotes the availability of mineral salts and the stability of chelates for a perfect absorption of nutrients by the plant. To achieve this, it is generally used various acids presented in industry in more or less concentrated forms and more or less dangerous, depending on their formulation.
In some countries, such as Switzerland, the sale of these products is highly regulated and retailers are subject to a number of more or less tedious obligations in order to offer them on their shelves. mail order, it is dangerous to send liquid acid through the mail.
To overcome these two difficulties, GHE has been looking for a product that has the efficiency of our usual liquid pH Down, while eliminating the risks controlled by the legislator. We are pleased to present today our "pH Down Dry", a new concept and a unique product in the industry. Which can be sold easily, and which poses no risk to the mail.
pH Down Sec is a rather special product: as long as it remains in the form of dry granules, it is harmless, easy to handle and has the great advantage of breaking out of the class of highly toxic products. But as soon as it comes into contact with water, it becomes a powerful pH reducer.

In addition, it provides the plant with essential nutrients both during their vegetative stage and during flowering and reproduction:

Nitrate, in a form that is assimilated only slowly by the plant, and therefore does not overnight
not at flowering.
Phosphorus for flowering, but also for healthy roots, lush foliage and harmonious growth.
It also provides a supplement in magnesium, sulfur and trace elements.

pH Down Sec is also a product of great purity: it is in the form of crystals that dissolve in water without leaving any residue.

The first use of the product is, of course, the control of the pH.But thanks to its high concentration and high phosphoric acid content, it can also be used for the disinfection and cleaning of systems, irrigation lines or substrates. In homeopathic doses, it can be used as a foliar spray after an insecticide treatment to clean the leaves, while nourishing the plant.

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GHE PH Down Sec (poudre) 50g

Nouveau produit pour baisser le PH. Composé de cristaux solubles faciles a manipuler, le PH down poudre concentré a l'avantage de pouvoir être pesé pour un dosage parfait.

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