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GHE Diamond Nectar 1L

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A natural organic bio-stimulator
Despite the limited amount of fertilizer sometimes found in the soil, growth continues through the action of humic and fulvic acid particle chains, which deliver the fertilizer to the surrounding vegetation and facilitate absorption. nutrients at the root level.
Diamond Nectar is a mixture of these acids, which favors in particular the content of fulvic acids, but also contains a lot of humic acids, hence its slightly brownish color.

Millions of years ago, prehistoric plants and animals were buried in the various geological upheavals of our planet and transformed according to the ecological cycles of life. Buried several thousand meters deep and transformed into carbon, some of these deposits formed the "Diamond". Others were pushed back to the surface during the Ice Age and constitute what we call today the " leonardite ".

Deep in ancient lands of New Mexico, an extraordinary deposit of Leonardoite was formed. It contains natural organic elements that have been composted for millennia and are easily available to the plant. This deposit is operated with care and natural compounds, called Humus, are extracted.

Soluble Humus (fulvic and humic acid group) contains compounds that enrich the nutrient solution, as well as a multitude of growth promoting elements.

Thanks to a regulating and chelating action as well as to its great capacity of ionic exchanges:

It improves the plant's ability to absorb nutrients by converting them into easily assimilable particles.
It delivers nutrients to all parts of the plant: roots, stems, foliage, flowers and fruits.
It offers growers the benefits of a natural organic element in liquid form.
In hydroponics and above ground, it helps to create an environment even closer to that of the earth.


Diamond Nectar is an additive to use in combination with complete fertilizers. Combined with conventional nutritious programs, it will yield vigorous plants, earlier and abundant harvests, and, of course, the quality of taste and aroma we have come to expect from you.

Apply Diamond Nectar to all crops: ornamental, culinary and medicinal, fruits, vegetables, trees, etc. It is used in hydroponics, aboveground and earth; in the nutrient solution or foliar application.

Add 2 - 3 ml / L to the nutrient solution during all stages of growth.

Diamond Nectar is an acid, it will lower the pH of your solution. Pour it into the water before correcting the pH level

For all cultivation methods: hydroponics, above ground and soil

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GHE Diamond Nectar 1L

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