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Bio Nova PK 13-14 1L - Booster Flowering

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Bio Nova PK 13-14 1L - Booster Flowering

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Brand: Bio Nova

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Phosphorus allows the development of healthy and extensive roots and ensures abundant flowering. Potassium gives impetus to flowering. The combination of these two components in a bio-mineral form can be rightly called a superflower.
In the world of culture, these are essential components.

Among the BIO NOVA line of pure liquid mineral fertilizers (ie without waste), Bio Nova provides a powerful and fast-acting phosphorus-potassium complex under the name: PK 13-14. This one is directly assimilable.

This fertilizer is used with Hydro Supermix, Sol Supermix, Haze Supermix or NFT-AQUA Supermix. The association with one of these three products, ensures a complete fertilization for the hydroponic culture, on compost or on NFT.


1st week of flowering: 25 ml./100 liters
2nd week of flowering: 75 ml./100 liters
3rd week of flowering: 100 ml./100 liters
4th week of flowering until harvest, maximum 125 ml./100 liters.

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Bio Nova PK 13-14 1L - Booster Flowering

Bio Nova PK 13-14 1L - Booster Flowering

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