HESI Hydro Floraison 1L

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HESI Hydro Floraison 1L

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Brand: Hesi

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Nutrient for growing plants in flowering phase.
On mineral wool, clay balls, ...

HESI Hydro Bloom is enriched with active elements that promote abundant flowering, and increases the energy available for the plant and ensures its healthy development.

This flowering fertilizer leaves no residue, and is very respectful of the substrate.
Very stable, HESI hydro fertilizers contain chelated elements (= embedded in organic molecules) which ensures that they are absorbed by plants. This process improves the quality level of tap water used for your nutrient solution.


NPK Formulation 23-24-29

Contains: nitrogen, phosphorus P2O5, potassium K2O and also magnesium, calcium, sulfate and trace element complexes (iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, iodine and cobalt), in addition to vitamins B1, B2, B3 , B12, plant sugars and amino acids.


5 ml per liter of water for growing plants.
Easy to use: Fill your water supply, add Hesi Hydro Bloom and correct the pH if necessary.
With its one-component formula, Hesi Hydro is easier to meter than two-component A / B fertilizers.

Target values ​​in flowering period: EC: 1.5 ms / cm pH: 5.8 to 6.2

Conditioning: 1 liter

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HESI Hydro Floraison 1L

HESI Hydro Floraison 1L

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