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Bionova Slab 15 L Compressed Coconut Bread has a built-in flexible plastic wrap containing a dehydrated coconut bricks of 1.6 Kg made from small and large coconut fibers.

The outer shell of Bionova Slab 15 L compressed coconut fiber has been treated to provide excellent UV resistance.

A Bionova Slab Coconut Bread provides up to 15 liters of coco peat with only 4 liters of water.

Coconut fiber is the result of the shredding and subsequent processing of the coconut shell and can be used as a means of alternative culture to traditional substrates.

Coconut fiber has excellent water retention and aeration properties that promote rapid growth of the root system and the plant.

Dimension: 100x15x7 cm

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BioNova Coco Slab 1m

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