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GHE Flora Nova Bloom 946ml (1 QT)

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Brand: GHE

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Super concentrated liquid fertilizer
Highly efficient for all types of plants
Formula suitable for all types of water, hard and soft
Super-concentrated and pH stabilized
Very easy to use
For hydroponics, aboveground and soil culture
FloraNova represents a breakthrough in fertilization technology. FloraNova, a one-part formula, is a complete and extremely concentrated fertilizer. A very small part of FloraNova, mixed with tap water will be sufficient for the needs of your plants, both in hydroponics, above ground and in the ground.

FloraNova Grow:
Use FloraNova Grow for the vegetative phase, during growth, to optimize the structural development and the formation of the leaf mass.

FloraNova Bloom:
Use FloraNova Bloom during the flowering and fruiting phase of your plants.

Attention: because of its high concentration, it is necessary to mix FloraNova before each use.

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GHE Flora Nova Bloom 946ml (1 QT)


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