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Plagron Compost Light-Mix + Perlit 25L

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Plagron Compost Light-Mix + Perlit 25L

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Grow cheaply and fertilize according to your own choice

Plagron Lightmix consists of selected peat with the greatest care. The addition of various types of fi bers and perlite makes it possible to give Plagron quality loams an optimal lightness and oxygen level. Only a minimal amount of nutritious food has been added to Lightmix. Lightmix is ​​the floor par excellence for those who
wish to carry out fattening themselves. Lightmix provides even better performance in combination with Plagron Terra Grow, Terra Bloom and Plagron additives.

• Pre-fertilized for 1 week for a quick start.
• The farmer decides on all aspects of fertilization.
• Quick rooting thanks to the low EC value.
• Available with or without perlite (non-perlite).

White peat, black peat, fibrous peat, perlite.
1.5 kg / m3 mineral NPK fertilizer (12-14-24).

Start fertilizing after the first week.

Bags of 25 and 50 liters.

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Plagron Compost Light-Mix + Perlit 25L

Plagron Compost Light-Mix + Perlit 25L

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