HESI Power Zym 1L

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HESI Power Zym 1L

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Plant enzyme extract that stimulates activity and root growth.

More resistant plants
Elimination of harmful elements present in the surrounding plant.
Activates the beneficial microorganisms of the substrate.
Accelerates the absorption of nutrients.
The roots of plants constantly renew their external part by replacing old cells with new ones. The more a root develops, the more dead cells are released into the soil. Only certain micro-organisms can synthesize cellulose and change it into sugars that can be assimilated by the plant. Thus an unusable product at the base becomes extremely practical not only for the plants but also for a healthy microflora. With Powerzyme the roots do not rot but instead become beneficial for the plant and its surroundings. Parts of dying plants usually consume a lot of oxygen but this will not happen with Powerzyme which will maintain the optimum oxygen level in the substrate!

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HESI Power Zym 1L

HESI Power Zym 1L

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