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GHE Bio Bloom 60ml

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Brand: GHE

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Bio Bloom is a growth and flowering activator for use in organic farming

As part of our research on organic stimulators we have found a small quite extraordinary range to want to offer it, despite the fact that we do not let the creators: they are the Bio Boosters (Bio Bloom Bio Roots and Bio Protect). Our tests and the experiences of many customers have been dazzling.
Bio Boosters are all certified organic activators usable by Skal in the Netherlands and comply with the European regulation on organic agriculture N ° 2092/91.

One of the specificities of BioBloom is the translocation of nutrients in the plant, favoring the parts that need it most. By ensuring a harmonious nutritive distribution, it increases the absorption and growth capacity of plants by more than 20%.
In the soil, it activates microorganisms, stimulating the circulation and absorption of nutrients.
It increases the size of the leaves and improves the process of photosynthesis.
It particularly favors the assimilation of Calcium.
Bio Bloom is an activator of growth, but also of flowering. The harvest will be healthier and the production better.

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GHE Bio Bloom 60ml

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