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GHE Bio Sevia Bloom 1L

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BioSevia is a certified fertilizer that can be used in organic farming. It is also complete, and perfectly soluble. Our researchers have spent 4 years of study and intensive testing to obtain a fertilizer that contains all the elements that the plant needs for perfect growth, and that at the same time meets all the requirements for an official biological registration, also well in France than in the rest of the world.

BioSevia has several essential qualities:

It is a complete fertilizer certified by Qualité France, and meets the European regulation on organic farming N ° 834/2007.
Its specific composition and excellent solubility make it a fertilizer easily assimilated by the plant.
It contains fulvic acid and humic acids that improve soil conditions and increase the assimilative capacity of plants.
It gives your products a sweet taste quite pleasant
... and it is used in hydroponics!

BioSevia is also a bioponic fertilizer

BioSevia gives excellent results in the ground, of course, but it has the particularity to work particularly in hydroponics, whether in bare roots or on substrate.
Indeed, any biological fertilizer is not adapted to this type of culture. The usual organic fertilizers are usually formulated to degrade slowly in the ground, and some of their elements will rot in the water giving off a very unpleasant odor. Finally, they would clog filters and injectors.
To be bioponic, a fertilizer must be liquid or perfectly soluble. It must not contain too large particles and must be very quickly degradable and available. BioSevia meets all these criteria.

BioSevia is a fertilizer material that can be used in organic farming. It meets the European regulation on organic farming N ° 834/2007.

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GHE Bio Sevia Bloom 1L

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