HESI PH- Floraison 1L

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HESI PH- Floraison 1L

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Brand: Hesi

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Helps reduce pH in nutrient-based nutrient solutions for your plants during flowering. The pH value is very important in this type of solution. A high pH top will give insoluble mixtures and too low a pH will damage the roots.

Optimum pH value:

  Earth, Hydro / Coco


Measure the pH value in the container after adding all the fertilizers.

Correct the pH with HESI pH MINUS if it is too high (add small doses see the dropper if necessary).

Then write down the amount of pH corrector you needed to correct the pH value for later use.

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HESI PH- Floraison 1L

HESI PH- Floraison 1L

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