Growth Technology Orchid Focus Bloom 1L

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Like most plants, orchids must be fed when they are actively growing and this support must be suspended during periods of vegetative rest. Some tropical orchids grown indoors, under lamps, may require nutrients throughout the year since they do not really experience a rest period.
For orchids grown under natural light, the nutrition program should begin at the onset of spring. For starters, we recommend using Orchid Focus Grow in half dilution. This program is fairly generalized and the recommendations apply to most species and hybrids. It is important to monitor each plant weekly. If the plant is healthy and the foliage is dark green, continue the nutrition program. If it shows signs of stress due to over-nutrition, suspend the program for a week or two. She will quickly resume her vivacity.

Grow and Bloom Formulations
Orchid Focus is available in two different formulations. Orchid Focus Grow contains large doses of nitrate-derived nitrogen to encourage the growth of healthy shoots and leaves. The Bloom formulation contains higher levels of phosphorus and potassium to support abundant flowering. Note that changing nutrients will not result in flowering, as no nutrients are able to do this. The flowering cycle is dictated by the season and by the internal programming of the plants. However, if you provide the right formulation early in the flowering process, you will provide the plant with access to the minerals it needs to optimize and prolong flower retention.

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Growth Technology Orchid Focus Bloom 1L

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