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Canna BioBoost 250ml

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Brand: BioCanna

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It is with great pride that CANNA introduces its BOOST after years of field research in the primary tropical forests of South Asia, Africa and Latin America and research at CANNA Research laboratories.

BOOST increases the production of all cropping systems and can be used in combination with all other CANNA food and additive ranges. BOOST is not a nutrition, but a natural and fermented plant extract with characteristics that stimulate flowering and bring more taste.

BOOST: developed by CANNA Research, based on plant extracts from tropical virgin forests, is a real stimulant for plants. The bioactive elements provide additional metabolism that the plant needs especially during flowering. Plants produce more fructose, become healthier, stronger, and are less susceptible to disease and injury. This results in a larger harvest, accompanied by a more abundant and vital fruiting. BOOST contains a huge number of bioactive elements.

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Canna BioBoost 250ml

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