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Canna PK 13-14 1L

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Brand: Canna

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If you want bigger fruits and flowers, CANNA PK 13/14 is the product you need. CANNA PK 13/14 is a blend of high quality nutritious minerals that stimulates flowering. It is easy to use and provides high yields. PK 13/14 is suitable for all growing media. In addition, it should be poured only once in the fertilizer tank. If you do it at the right time, you will get amazing results.

Pure elements to stimulate flowering

PK 13/14 is a mixture of high quality potassium and phosphorus that is added during the flowering period. These two elements play a very important role during the flowering phase of the fast-growing plant. Thanks to a special production process, CANNA has managed to add a higher concentration of the purest phosphate and potassium. As a result, PK 13/14 is quickly and directly available to the plant.

Phosphorus (P) is a macro nutrient element for each plant. It plays a key role in metabolism and energy transfer. During the flowering phase, the plant needs more phosphorus. Phosphorus reinforces, among other things, the composition of flower cells.

Potassium (K) is found throughout the plant. This is necessary in many of its activities. Potassium is, for example, essential for the transport of water and nutrients (screening vessels) and is responsible for the robustness and quality of the plant. In addition, potassium handles many other processes, such as the production of sugars. During flowering, potassium ensures that the plant is able to produce enough sugars, which is essential for fruiting.

A generous bloom

During the development of the plant, there comes a time when the phosphorus and potassium requirements are very high. It is then sufficient to administer CANNA PK 13/14 to meet the needs of the flowering plant and to allow the buds to develop as much as possible. The stimulating effect of CANNA BOOST metabolism strengthens that of PK 13/14. This perfect combination will result in an even more abundant flowering of the plant.

Usable on all growth media

PK 13/14 is used on all growth media. PK 13/14 is used, for example, in soil culture, recirculation systems, coconut culture and run-to-waste systems. The PK 13/14 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus are essential to the plant during the flowering period. PK 13/14 is a pure mixture of potassium-phosphorus of excellent quality. PK 13/14 dissolves very well, thanks to which it is directly assimilated by the plant.


Shake the bottle well before use
3 weeks before harvest, add the next dose of PK 13/14 once to a fertilizer barrel. 150 ml concentration per 100 liters of water (1: 666). Add this mixture to the water during 3 -6 days.

Other indications

Over-fertilization has a negative effect on the quality of the soil and the plant
Keep frost-free, in a closed and dark place
Keep out of reach of children


CANNA only works with nutrients and high quality chelates that are directly and completely absorbed by the plant. The dosing bottle is made from 100% polyethylene (PVC, cadmium free), a biodegradable synthetic material that is also recyclable.

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Canna PK 13-14 1L

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