Canna Canna-Zym 1L - Enzymes

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Cannazym is a very good preparation. Cannazym contains phosphorus and potassium. This combination stimulates the rapid growth of plant roots. Potassium is an enzyme activator and is involved in virtually all important functions in the plant while phosphorus is involved in the formation of oil, sugars and starch and stimulates flowering and fruit formation.

How does CANNAZYM work?

Enzymes are substances that accelerate the reactions of living organisms. (For example, they play a crucial role during our digestion). Cannazym triggers the activation of enzymes and its ingredients are essential for the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is an important energy source for many chemical processes that take place in plant problems. Cannazym nutrients also play an important role in the activation of many plant growth-related enzymes. By adding Cannazym, you help promote root growth and nutrient uptake. Cannazym can also help to get a better tolerance of the plant to stress.

Better health

Several easily absorbable vitamins have been added to Cannazym. They stimulate the plant during the formation of new roots. A good radical system has many new shoots and it is precisely during these peaks of growth that are absorbed elements such as calcium, magnesium and iron.


Shake well before use
Dilute 25 mL of product per 10 L of tap water (1: 400)
Add to the nutrient solution, preferably during the life of the plant, and at least once a week
Doubling the dose for one month, if reuse of old substrate loaves and not treated with CANNZYM
Double the dose for 1 to 2 week (s) if you are using CANNAZYM-treated breads
Do not prepare nutrients for more than 10 days
Do not administer products containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at the same time
In case of correction of water used with mineral acids or alkalizing agents, use only the products named and specified in NF U 42-005: 1994 and NF U 42-006: 1994, which are mandatory.

Other indications:

Keep out of reach of children
Excessive use of fertilizer damages the quality of the soil and plant
Products prone to crystal formation at low temperatures: do not store below 4 ° C, keep container closed
Keep frost-free, in a closed and dark place


The packaging is 100% polyethylene, a recyclable cadmium-free plastic material.

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Canna Canna-Zym 1L - Enzymes

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