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Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L

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Brand: Canna

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CANNA Terra Professional Plus is the world's purest potting soil for growing plants. It generates a superior effect when combined with the CANNA TERRA fertilizer. Its formula is specially developed for indoor use in a growing room. Of course, it also offers good results outdoors.

Benefits of CANNA Terra Professional Plus

CANNA Terra Professional Plus consists of sphagnum and tree bark that have an antiseptic effect. These ingredients promote extraordinary root development and the formation of stronger stems.
In addition, the accelerated metabolism associated with a low disease rate ensures increased production.
The pH of the substrate is adjusted for long-term control, and the substrate contains a sufficient lime load for a whole cycle. Its mineral nutrient load adjusts the initial nutrient level to a good initial charge, correcting ratios to work perfectly with CANNA TERRA fertilizers.
Its special structure provides an ideal level of air and water to the substrate.
CANNA Terra Professional Plus contains trace elements and chelates, which protect plants as they grow.


Loosen the CANNA Terra Professional Plus, fill the pots; pack the CANNA Terra Professional Plus slightly. Add water until a little water flows under the pot. Then plant the plant in CANNA Terra Professional Plus.

The plastic packaging is 100% recyclable.
Store in a cool and dark place.
Storage temperature above 4 ° C (40 ° F).
25 or 50 L capacity

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Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L

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