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Canna Terra Professional 50L

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Brand: Canna

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CANNA Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich potting mix ideal for growing plants. Your plants will grow much better in a soil rich in nitrogen. The CANNA Terra Professional Potting Mix is ​​nothing like the other products available in a garden center. This mixture is composed of enriched black peat, compost and perlite. If you want to plant in the ground indoors or outdoors, this is really the fertilizer you need.

Benefits of CANNA Terra Professional

It consists of high quality ingredients, such as granular sphagnum without any disease.
These ingredients also promote extraordinary root development and the formation of stronger stems.
Yields are higher. The accelerated metabolism associated with a low disease rate guarantees increased production.


CANNA Terra Professional is a fantastic potting mix for plants that offers many benefits to the gardener and his plants. CANNA Terra Professional is composed of selected varieties of peat and high quality potting soil. Perlite has been added to improve the balance between air and moisture. The quality of this product is guaranteed by a production process carried out under strict quality control.

CANNA Terra Professional is nutrient rich and meets the highest standards for substrates! It is distinguished from other subsoil substrates by its basic ingredients of first quality, finesse of structure and purity. Use specially formulated fertilizers, such as Terra Vega and Terra Flores, an investment in quality and safety!


Adapt the watering to the needs of the plant according to the size of the pot, the growing conditions and the growth stage of the plant. Under normal conditions, growing adult plants evaporate 4 to 6 liters of water per day per m2.

Use for large plants pots of at least 5 liters; the bigger the pot, the longer the root environment is. Make sure there is enough drainage, if necessary, lay a layer of clay bubbles at the bottom of the pot for aeration and drainage.

CANNA Terra Professional is an organic product with a homogeneous structure, 100% natural and guaranteed free of viruses or soil diseases. CANNA Terra Professional has an ideal water-to-air ratio, which produces the ideal circumstances for almost any crop. CANNA Terra Professional is, after use, an excellent product for soil amendment and improvement.

The plastic packaging is 100% recyclable.
Store in a cool and dark place.
Storage temperature above 4C (40F).
25 L or 50 L capacity

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Canna Terra Professional 50L

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